gold rush open air & guido birthday party, jardin des récollets, 8/5/06

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  1. muixeta says:

    I’ve discovered that interesting and fantastic blog yesterday mornig. I want to say that I really love your genial idea of shooting every interesneting and fashion stylism of impersonal an normal people. You can find a lot of diferent blogs about fashion, but your is tne only one I’ve found that ‘s about fashion you can find every day on the street! I really really like you idea, your pictures and in general FaceHunter, it’s so interesting! I’ve you want to have a look in my blog I’ll be very pleased. I’ve linked yours. LA VIE:
    Thanks so much!! And good luck!

  2. hildemhg says:

    I love the ones with just the plain white backdrop, it brings out the people even more. Something I have considered doing on oslostil maybe in the future.

    Thanks for increasing the quality of streetblogs!!


  3. Loving your blog! It has become my new addiction!
    Besos a Buenos Aires!

  4. Maria says:

    I have to say that what I admire the most is the capability of selecting a space that allows you to interact with the people in this playful manner. Many images in this set have that connection between you and them, the quality that make these sexy images. Maybe the fact of being “at home” helps.

  5. eVa! says:

    I like very much your blog!!!
    I´m a spanish girl!!!


  6. wewearthat says:

    I really do admire your work but I would really appreciate if you could take some more pictures on guys!

  7. WWND says:

    The shoes the last girl is wearing- I want them!

  8. dévisageur says:

    I don’t try to do any sexual stylish descrimination. Everybody could interest me. In some previous posts in the archives, you’ll find more guys than girls. But I have to say – mostly in Paris – well dressd men are not so common. I try harder to satisfy all the folks.

    Thank you so much for your lovely encouraging comments.

    Face Hunter

  9. Frida says:

    Love all these pictures!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Sur la vingtième photo, c’est Marco Dos Santos si je ne me trompe pas. C’est un réalisateur, photographe, il a fait des clips entre pour le groupe HushPuppies

  11. guido says:

    hi i’m guido the birthday boy.
    thanx for picturing all my girlfriends & exes.

    BTW, the zebra mask blue girl is wearing is one of the presents that’s been giving to me this saturday. by any chance, have you kept it, thinking maybe a kid had lost it? i’d like to find it back if it’s possible.

    once more, thanx for your pictures. i’ll steal all of them for my album.
    if you have some more, please let me know. i love souvenirs.
    i’d especially like to get a special one, my girlfriend morgane’s picture: she’s the short brunette with brown veste. you took a picture of her with your own red glasses.


  12. Ker says:

    I love the look on the girl with the suspenders, shorts, and boots.

  13. Love, love, love the “no.1” sweater!

  14. Linnéa says:

    The No.1 sweather is available at, I agree, it’s gorgeous! :)

  15. Linnéa says:

    ..and, I forgot to say, is made by Ca$hmere.