Watch out! A guy with a feather hat will have one of his ultimate face hunting experience from 8/31 untill 9/24 in New-York City. I’ll try to cover different kind of aspects and neighbourhoods of the city. Including Fashion Week, street, parties, concerts, daytime, nightlife, etc. All your tips are welcome. I’ll need every day to use an internet connected computer to edit and publish my pictures. If by any chance, someone could help me… I’ld be very thankful by offering Swiss chocolate. With love.

(picture by the sartorialist)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I look forward to see your pictures of New York.

    btw. great outfit.


  2. doraheidi says:

    i would love to help you!
    but how…??

    yeah great outfit

  3. doraheidi says:

    oops sorry for my incomplete posting…
    i go to school there..so let me know

  4. Anonymous says:

    let your eyes not be weary in big apple ;)

  5. Anonymous says:


    love that sartorialist…

  6. negrito says:

    goood luck !!! we will follow you !!

  7. hildemhg says:

    That must be the ultimate streetphotography experience. I’m glad to have the chance to see New York through the facehunters eyes. Just tell if you are in London or Oslo!

  8. Mademoiselle says:

    Sweden, NY, never thought of giving Tokyo a chance? I like Swiss Chocolates…

  9. Tip: Go for dumplings on Allen at Delancy. Five for a dollar and tasty.

  10. Anonymous says:

    ohh, what fun! i hope you have a lovely trip and will look forward to see your pictures

  11. Julia says:

    Come to Sydney!

  12. Anonymous says:

    you’re a cutie, face hunter. but we need to see your face!

  13. citronmuffin says:

    is that you? I want more pics of you! and finally I got a new email, after not been able to get into my other one for a week. crap. citronmuffin@gmail.com. and o my god, I’m so jealous you’re going to n.y. you’re gonna have such a great time.

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. Anonymous says:

    hey there,
    you seem to have a lot of people who wants to help you out in nyc, but if you want your own free internet access you should go to the apple store in soho. its huge. my boyfriend is in nightlife, so if you want to get in to the best clubs – shoot me an email karin@blocgroup.com. good luck! /k

  16. Anonymous says:

    do you have a laptop? and there are lots of cafes and delis with internet access. or if you could just get access to one of the many university libraries, you could get all your work done for free.

    my roommate works for a party promoter. i’ll let you know about parties on myspace.

    and check out sunday’s 39th street flea market!


  17. dévisageur says:

    Thanks for your advices, you are so nice.

    – dorahheidi, so please drop me a line (jai1adresse at yahoo.fr)

    – mademoiselle, I was in Switzerland, not in Sweden… but I hope I’ll be there before the end of the year and Tokyo could be too but later.

    – karin, cool I’ll email you.

    – susan, the problem is that I have no laptop…

    See you around.

  18. Anonymous says:

    check out cut nyc’s parties at savalas. and please don’t go to misshapes

  19. beth says:

    Go to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, my friend. Lots of material.

  20. Anonymous says:

    That’s Sartorialist’s shot of you, isn’t it?

  21. Youknowsthlm says:

    http://en.fon.com/ <- Around the world wifi thingy ..

  22. Hey!! I’ll be there as well!!
    But, unfortunatly not for soooo long like you!
    have a nice trip!

  23. Elsa says:

    great! i’ll look out for you at fashion week. love your stuff.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Misshapes parties = NYC’s La Perle

    They happen every Saturday at Don Hill’s (511 Greenwich St. at Spring St.)

  25. Anonymous says:

    even without a laptop you can get internet access at lots of coffee spots through their pcs. and there are internet cafes that are just filled with pcs that people stop in and use for a small fee.

    i’ll be in l.a. for a chunk of your time here in nyc. i’ll check your blog from over there! :)

    and again, i can’t stress how much you need to stop by the flea market. it’s like heaven for a street fashion blogger.