5 days in switzerland

This morning I leave Paris for my country-of-origin. I’m going to the French speaking part of Switzerland, between Geneva and Lausanne. I think it’s a beautiful place but not really a face hunter paradise. Anyway I’ll try to do something for your regular style fix.

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  1. emilie says:

    hééé c’est pas vrai, la côte aussi is a nice face hunter pool !

  2. dan says:

    you’re kinda right. i live in basel and you don’t get anything here.

    btw: very nice and inspiring blog you have here.

  3. cOoL BoY says:

    Wauu! Switzerland is fantastic, bon voyage ! Kisses !

  4. dévisageur says:

    Salut Emilie, please give me the face hunter hotspots you know! Merci.

    Dan + cool boy: thanks.

  5. emilie says:

    bah écoute lausanne…

  6. dévisageur says:

    J’y serai demain, on verra bien ;)