I’ll be in Berlin for the Fashion Week this week-end and then in Copenhagen till the 20th July. I’m so excited to move to these to great cities. It is unnecessary to say that so many catwalks, showrooms, parties and streets shots are expected -something like a face hunting overdose. I’ll try to post some photos during the trip. I thank you in anticipation for your patience. Before leaving, I’ll post some French hunts tomorrow. Ciao ciao.

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  1. Minny says:

    say HEJ to Copenhagen for me! you will hunt tons of beautiful faces and places there…i love that city.

  2. I posted your blog on mine! http://imnotafashionvictim.blogspot.com/2006/07/walk-around.html
    If you don’t mind…It inspires me a lot. Tks ;>

  3. WWND says:

    happy trails! looking forward to your pictures.

  4. KIKI says:

    Oh your blog rocks – i`m from uruguay and discovered your blog 2 months ago and since then i check it every day it`s a daily rutine that i have –
    i have a very humble blog -exitoglamour.blogspot.com
    Well congrtulation
    Alsoí´m studing design and your blog is a ig cuote of inspiration

  5. eurobrat says:

    Please facehunt some albino peacocks for me. If they are attending parties. After all, anything can happen in the North.

  6. Pata says:

    Looking forward to see what you see…good luck !!

  7. Anonymous says:

    when you´re in berlin, make sure you go to the vice party at rio on saturday.
    and, go to spindler&klatt for the view, but don´t bother eating there, the food is terrible.
    and one more: get a lovely “wasted german youth” t-shirt, either from the apartment store, or online at http://www.wasted-german-youth.com, a friend of mine, a great artist, makes those.

  8. Dear Devis,

    Will you please consider writing us a little note narrating how you get to shoot these amazing photos?

    Do you get invited to these parties or do you crash?

    Have fun and we can’t wait to see what you’ll have for us next!!!

  9. Ah, dans mes contrées!
    J’éspère que ton oeil d’aigle pourra dénicher quelques stylish people dans ce pays birkenstockien.
    Je crois que je t’ai jamais dit d’ailleurs, mais j’adore ton blog.
    Puis j’y ai déjà vu quelques beautiful people de ma connaissance….

  10. m says:

    Copenhagen is amazinggggggggggggg !!!!!!!

  11. Géraldine says:

    @invisible girl: I wondered the same thing, until I met our dear Face Hunter. Then I saw the answer: he’s so stylishly dressed he gets invited everywhere!