white psp party, studio gabriel, 06/01/06

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  1. I adore the hat with the pink brim and coloured hearts on #5.
    T-shirt on #7. very new vintage very cool, big fan of the FFE myself, and it reminded me that the Championnat de France de Horse Ball Jeunes is being held at the Parc Equestre Fédéral de Lamotte-Beuvron this June.
    #10. smartly dressed Monsieur in the tan cord blazer and argyle sweater, nice to know these sophisticated types attend the contemporary fashion fusion mix.
    Oh yes, almost forgot the jeune in the jaune t-shirt looks like Brad Kroenig.
    …….and is the last picture the dévisageur himself?

  2. dévisageur says:

    I think it’s him.

  3. Anonymous says:

    #7: what a …!

  4. Heaven says:

    This is both street smart and intteligenl.