etnies 20th anniversary party, palais de tokyo, 06/12/06

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  1. nadia says:

    Wow what an awesome post…I like it when you’re posts are long! Thank you!

  2. eurobrat says:

    This party looks like it was a blast… I love a lot of these photos. Some of the ‘eye candy’ looks familiar too.

    #1 fantastic
    #16 is so chic
    #21 Morgan Dubled, non?
    #27 you captured before in the plunging graphic dress I think.

    Awesome. Merci.

  3. klara says:

    18 is fantastic!

  4. dévisageur says:

    Eurobrat you are so perspicacious, #21 is MD herself and #27 is the girl who was wearing the graphic Louis Vuitton dress some weeks ago.

  5. Miou says:

    Blog original et tres sympa qui donne un ptit apperçu du monde de la nuit parisienne.
    Jolie démonstration de style pour certains.
    Meme le mannequin Morgane Dubled était présent…

  6. cachou says:

    I keep wondering where I saw the face of #11.
    Do you know who is he? I first thought about Thomas Mars, but he is not.
    but I definitly know this face…..

  7. marie says:

    je tiens a preciser que j’ai l’air ahurie car je viens de remarquer la presence du jeune Hanson (photo 1) – pareil pour julie

  8. Eva says:

    #1 reminds me of the ed. with Gwyneth in Paris some time ago

  9. dévisageur says:

    cachou: for sure this is not Thomas Mars and I really don’t know him, sorry

  10. Anonymous says:

    l like here!