UK TOUR: seen on the streets of soho, london, 05/24-29/06

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  1. Dawn says:

    The first lady has a very quaint charm to her. Makes me think of music, hot weather, a funky coconut party and a sunny tropical island in another era.

  2. ARRGGGHHH Ivanovitch y’a de la buée sur on viseur !!!

  3. eurobrat says:

    Love the #17 blue door background.

    Everything about number one is lovely- her smile, the pink, the flower, the hair…

  4. pAralOx says:




  5. Anonymous says:

    I adore the magenta streaked dark haired boy with the blue door behind him. His trainers look like a tip off trend from those Ann Demeulemeester rainbow paint splattered trainers S/S 2006.
    Plutôt arty.

  6. i love the vest on number 5, actually i love her pants too.

    very sexy girl, thanks

  7. Anonymous says:

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