happy monday, café la perle, 15/05/06

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  1. Hi, really nice to discover this blo! I’m the fashion editor of http://www.revistasintetica.com.br, a brazilan website. Can I put your blog this week there?

  2. criacuervos says:

    Give me one for remembering ‘the Eleanor Rigby’:

    “AAAAhhhh, look at all ‘the-disfunctional-people’/AAAAhhh look at all ‘the-disfunctional-people’


    All ‘the-disfunctional-people’, where do they all come from !!! “

    Hey, I´am just kidding… its because I live in a remote PRIMITIVE CITY in ‘seventh-world’ (BRAZIL,, FORTALEZA), despite its 2 million of inhabitants, and so, every time I see people from cities it´s a very strange experience !!!