VERSAILLES – MARTELL’s Tricentenaire

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More images from my journey into Martell’s world on my Visual Diary:

Cognac, where it all began

300th anniversary party at Palace of Versailles

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ICELAND – mary, diana & harpa

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MAY 2015: Europa & Peru

30th April – 3rd May: Iceland

4th-5th May: London

6th-10th May: Barcelona

11th-14th May: Madrid

15th-16th May: Leipzig (Germany)

17th-18th May: Dresden (Germany)

19th-21st May: Paris & Cognac Region, Martell’s 300th anniversay

21st-24th May: Istanbul, IST Festival

26th-30th May: Lima, AYNI show, Peru Moda


Barcelona, May 2015

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LONDON – puck, jeffrey, ana, ross, paolina & mary

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